The Glencoe Grand Prix returns to town on Saturday, May 30th. Enjoy the

races and the family fun on the streets of Glencoe!

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Great project any time, any place that works for your students or school. This is a nonprofit founded by local youth, John Makowiec four years ago that collects new and used sports cards (baseball, football, hockey players) and donates them to kids in need through national and regional charities such as the Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital. The organization has thousands and thousands of cards that need collating into packets that will be donated to those in need of a bright spot in their lives. This is a great group project and enjoyable for boys and girls. The Volunteer Center collated over 1,000 cards during its MLK Day this year and volunteers of all ages loved it.

Email Debbie Brown,  If you're interested in setting up a service project, visit for more information.