We Achieved Our Goal Thanks To You!

Thank you to everyone who has so generously made a tax-deductible contribution to our annual appeal. We made it to our goal! Contributions to our annual appeal directly support before and after school clubs, technology initiatives, the McKeon Fund which ensures everyone may participate in every activity regardless of ability to pay, and so much more.

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★Thank you for Supporting Education Beyond The Basics★

Jay Abrams
Michael Aitken
Paula and Jeremy Alexander
The Ali Family
🔷 Alphagraphics Northbrook
Melanie Bandari
Halit Bander
Larry and Sarah Barden
🔷 Courtney Berlin
Nancy Blankstein
The Bliwas Family
Courtney and Robert Bloom
Robert and Susan Boone
Natalie and Paul Brown
Sheilah and Matt Burnham
The Cardonick Family
Kate Cavataio
Elizabeth Cimaroli
Robyn Cohen
Stacia Cohen
John Cullis
Robert and Karen Dishner
Brian and Ashley Eckman
Jeffrey and Heather Eiserman
The Elfman/Jennings Family
Wendy Enerson
Harry and Perlman, Marilyn Epstein
The Farbman Family
The Farrell Family
Leonid and Lisa Feller
Brian and Julie Finerty
🔷 The Firmin Family
  Erica Freeman
🔷 Andrew and Jennifer Friedman
Wendy Gale
Brent Gamse
Douglas and Jennifer Geis
Scott and Kelly Glauberman
🔷 The Glencoe Junior High Project
Stephanie Goettsche
Michelle and Steve Goldish
Arthur Goldner
Erika and Howard Goldstein
Sara Greenberg
The Greenwood Family
Paul and Jessica Guten
Samantha Haber
Rick and Jean Hahn
Sarah Hall
Marion Hanold
Andrew and Nicole Hayek
🔷 Highgate Builders
Doug and Jill Hirsh
Rebecca Hoffman and Dan Pikelny
Julieta Hokin
Michael Howard
Penny Jack
Laurie Jaffe
Heather Jagher
Melissa Jarmel
The Jeppe Family
Elizabeth Karabatsos
Susan Karp
Jenny Kelber
Justin and Neelam Kelly
The Killion Family
🔷 Kirkland and Ellis Foundation
Dana and Lee Kotler
The Kulakofsky Family
Tamra Latinik
Paula and Mark Lawson
The Lee Family
Lisa Lesniak
Robert and Kathy Mallin
Ginnifer Maydew
🔷 McClellan Orthodontics
Frederick and Julianna McOmber
James and Jennifer Mesterharm
Jennifer Meyers
The Michelon Family
Julie and Greg Miller
Motew Family
Renee and Scott Narrol
🔷 Ojibwa Enterprises
Roberta Olshnsky
Shelley Pantelic
Ali Paster
Jason Peltz
Emily Perlberg
Bojan Petrovic
Shayna and Dennis Plankar
Ruth Procopi
Kathryn Pyszka
The Radner Family
Michelle Connolly Roberts
Jonathan and Jamie Romick
Gary and Paula Ruben
Elizabeth Samman
Abby and Ken Sarnoff
Elizabeth Scheinfeld
Eliot and Beth Schencker
Barrie Scher
Bradley and Delta Schonhoft
Laura Schwartz
Alyssa Tabora and Mark Senkpiel
Frank and Wendy Serrino
Susan Sherman
Jason and Lisa Silverman
🔷 The Simon Family
Natalie Slotnick
Michelle Soble
Michael and Julie Solot
Rachel Stein
Marcia Stone
Mark and Sheri Styles
Kelly Sweat
Seth and Jessica Traxler
Donal, Geraldine and Christopher Tyre
Michael and Beverly Walther
Catherine Wang
Wendi Williams
🔷 Wilmette Bicycle & Sport Shop, Inc.
The Wilson Family
Dr. Gerald and Linda Wine
Benjamin and Nicole Wineman
Jeffrey and Deborah Wineman
Jennifer Wirth
Yvonne Yuen
Sharon Zaban
The Zieserl/Brill Family
Lance and Jen Zinman
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“The PTO empowers our educators to move beyond the walls of our schools. We are so grateful for the countless ways the PTO supports us all.“–Dr. Catherine Wang, District 35 Superintendent

“Our family loves the movie night at South and the West School Fair, and my daughter enjoys the PTO-sponsored clubs. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated, hardworking group of PTO volunteers!” –Mother of two District 35 students

"I appreciate all of the parents who dedicate their time and effort to enriching the lives of our children!" –Mother of a District 35 student