2019 Spring Appeal


1,175 Students

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Glencoe's Carpool Karaoke

The duo cruise around Glencoe singing along to classics with District 35's Superintendent, Dr. Wang. South School's Dr. Zonghetti makes a carline cameo. And they even make a pit-stop at West School to say hello to Dr. Rongey.  

Carpool Karaoke

To Check It Out,
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Updated as of: April 15TH


Goal: $30,000
Total Donated:

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Thank you to everyone who has so generously made a tax-deductible contribution to our annual appeal.

Our goal is to raise $30,000 by Friday, April 12th to support the power of partnership between The Glencoe PTO and District 35.

Contributions to our annual appeal directly supports:

  • Before and after school clubs
  • Technology initiatives
  • The McKeon Fund offers support so students may participate in school activities regardless of ability to pay
  • And so much more

Because of you, the possibilities are endless!


As a token of our gratitude, all donors will be featured on our PTO website donor recognition page.  Business and corporate donations of $250+ will be recognized in our district-wide email blasts, on our Facebook page and are offered a logo advertisement on the Glencoe PTO website including a link to your website. Logos will remain on the website through 4/30/2019.


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Thank you to Our Donors


Community Supporters


Melissa Ackerman

The Agrawal Family

The Alam Family

Paula Alexander

The Alfredeen Family

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Halit Bander

The Bauer Family

Susan and Don Belgrad

The Bergstein Family

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The Chamorro Family

Don and Lois Chudacoff

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The Dannenfeldt Famiy

Miki Debb

The Diamond Family

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Brian and Ashley Eckman

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Lisa and Lenny Feller

The Fields Family

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The Freeman Family

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Cheryl Fulop

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Anita Gilford

The Glauberman Family

The Goettsche Family

Jacqueline Goldin

Andrea and David Goldman

The Goltz Family

The Gordon Family

The Gordon Family

The Gray Family

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The Hahn Family

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The Hayek Family

The Hazan Family Michele Heftman

The Hellebusch Family

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Jill and Douglas Hirsh

The Hockenberg Family

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Julie and Andy Holton

The Horwitz Family

Seth and Corey Jackier

The Jagher Family

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The Jeppe Family

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Thomas Kaczmarek

The Kadens Family

The Kalil Family

Tony and Pam Kamin

The Karabatsos Family

The Kaufman Family

The Kelly Family

The Kipnis Family

The Klaff Family

The Kohn Family

The Kornacka Family

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The Labowitz Family

Lake of the Woods and Greenwoods Camps

Valerie Lamberti

The Lebovic Family

The Lee Family

Karen Leeds

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The Lipnick Family

The Mali Family

The Mallamud Family

Kathy and Robert Mallin

The Martin Family

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The Mendoza Family

Kathleen Marrin

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Michael and Rebecca Mikolajczyk

The Miller Family

Mi-Te Print Inc.

The Motew Family

Dev and Sapna Mukherjee

The Narrol Family

Andrea Nelson

The Ordonez Family

The O'Toole Family

The Pantelic Family

The Parker Family

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Walter Pituc

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The Podsedly Family

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The Prasad Family

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Violetta Robertson

The Romick Family

David Rongey

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Oliver Rosenberg

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Abby and Ken Sarnoff

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Betsy Swanson

The Tanaka Family

The Turf Family

Under the Lights

The Vree Family

Mike and Beverly Walther

The Wang Family

David and Lauren Weiner

The Weiss Family

The Wilansky Family

The Williams Family

The Wirth Family

Sheri Zaban and Jon Lippitz

The Zinman Family

The Zonghetti Family


EventsPTO Board Members


Company Supporters





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The Glencoe PTO is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit.

Your tax deductible gift helps us to provide programming to our schools.



Double or triple your gift with your company’s matching gift program.

If your organizations choose to match your PTO gift, the employers will also be listed on our 2019 Spring Appeal page and our PTO Members page.

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The Glencoe PTO,

building a GREAT District.


We want to thank our community for the year-round support!

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