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The weekly deadline to order is every Tuesday at 12pm.


Lunch Keeps Getting Better!

Families have the option of purchasing lunch from the Glencoe PTO's popular lunch program.   We offer an array of healthful lunch options from local restaurants. 

A portion of the proceeds from the lunch program go to support the Glencoe PTO.


You may order occasionally or frequently.  Our program is completely flexible to meet your needs.


Consider buying your children's lunch through us.


2nd session's lunch program

What's New

  • New, Easy Lunch Ordering Website
  • Same Prices
  • New Vendors
  • 2 Convenient Ordering Sessions
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2nd Session



Weekly Vendors



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  1. Go to Marla's Lunch to register then to begin the ordering process
  2. To Register
    • Click the "Welcome to Boonli" button
    • Select Create an Account
    • Type Glencoe's Password: TGS290  (Note: This password is for all Glencoe Schools)
    • Registration Page: Provide site with parent's/guardian's information
    • Select the "Submit" button on the Registration page
    • Select the "Ok" button after "Your User Account Has Been Created"
    • Create User Profile Page: Add child's/children's information
    • Select the "Add Profile" button on the Create User Profile
    • Select the "I'm Done" button on the Create User Profile when you've updated all children to your profile.   (Note: Please be sure to register your child/children with the correct school and teacher.)
  3. To Order
    • Sign In with your username & password
    • Select Month - Use the forward and back arrows
    • Click the "Menu" button
    • Change the Month - Use arrows
    • Select Date
    • Select your child's profile button
    • Select the menu items that you would like to order your child
    • Select Add to Cart
    • Check out & pay**

**Please be sure to complete the checkout process. Do not close your browser prior to receiving the confirmation display or your order may be interrupted and not fully processed. Items left in your shopping cart will not be processed and your order will not be placed.

  1. Go to Marla's Lunch to update the student's grade then to begin the ordering process
  2. To Update Student's Grade
    1. Sign In with your username & password
    2. Click the 3 lines at the top left
    3. Click Account
    4. Click User Profiles
    5. On the right: Select student's name
    6. On the left: Update student's new grade information
    7. Click “Update Profile”
  3. To Order: Once all profiles are updated
    • Click "Go To Home Menu" at the Top Left
    • Select Month - Use the forward and back arrows
    • Click the "Menu" button

Please contact Marla (312-320-4049 or via email) with lunch program questions regarding: Food or Policy, including Missed/Late Orders, Credits, and Changes/Cancellations.

If you have trouble ordering, please click to email Technical Support.

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Glencoe PTO Offers Lunch to Families During Medical Crises

When a family in Glencoe faces a major medical crisis, the PTO offers lunch at no charge (during this time) to the children of the family enrolled in District 35 Schools.  The intent of the PTO is to assist the family and offer some relief during this time.   

Should you know of a family in such a situation who may qualify for this program please click to contact the PTO Co-Presidents:  Erika Goldstein and Shayna Plankar


The Glencoe PTO,

building a GREAT District.


We want to thank our community for the year-round support!

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