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Amazon Smile PRogram


With a simple action at no cost to you, Amazon will donate to the Glencoe PTO!

If you shop at Amazon, please choose the Glencoe PTO as your AmazonSmile charity. Through the AmazonSmile program, Amazon will donate .5% of your eligible purchases to the Glencoe PTO – Every dollar we raise directly supports District 35's schools.




How To Register the Glencoe PTO As Your Chosen Charity

  1. Visit Smile.Amazon.com
  2. Log-in to your account
  3. Select The Glencoe PTO as your charity
  4. Shop!  We'll automatically receive .5% of all eligible purchases
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Amazon smile FAQs

Will there be any differences in the prices or availability of products when I use Amazon Smile rather than the regular Amazon?


If the donation isn’t charged to me, then where does the donation come from?

AmazonSmile is a charitable organization, funded by Amazon. Amazon donates the money. There is no charge to you as a customer.

Will I still have access to all my same Amazon features if I use Amazon smile?


Your history, your digital content, your account information, any saved addresses or payment information, and, if applicable, yourAmazon Prime is ALL still available when you shop with AmazonSmile. The site will look the SAME as always, the only difference is that you will see “AmazonSmile” at the top left, and when using the full site you will also see near the top of the page that you are supporting the “Glencoe PTO”.

Is it worth it? .5% of my purchase Amount is so little; will it add up to much for the Glencoe PTO?

YES, it could!

There are more than 700 families in theDistrict 35 schools.  I magine if each family designated the Glencoe PTO as their charity of choice on Amazon!

This program lasts all year long – just think about how much this could add up to!

I registered another organization as my amazon smile charity. How do I change my charity?

No problem!  

Simply use the link: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-0996233

If you have previously registered a different charity, AmazonSmile will let you know that, and will ask if you would like to change your charity to the Glencoe PTO. We certainly hope you will choose the Glencoe PTO.  Please note that you can always change your charity.

Now that I have registered the Glencoe PTO as my chosen amazon smile charity, can I just shop at Amazon as usual?

Pretty much; however, in order for your purchases to lead to AmazonSmile donations, you must use the URL: https://smile.amazon.com OR https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-0996233 every time you make a purchase at Amazon.

To make it easier to use the AmazonSmile program, you may want to “bookmark” https://smile.amazon.com OR https://smile.amazon.com/ch/20-0996233.

I often shop through the amazon app on my phone or device; Will those purchases automatically lead to Amazon smile donations?

Unfortunately, No.

If you prefer to shop or browse using Amazon’s App,  go ahead and add items to your shopping cart using the app, but then use your browser to open www.smile.amazon.com to complete your purchase. 

Everything that you left in your shopping cart will still be waiting for you. You may want to create a link on your phone/device to https://smile.amazon.com.

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