We often receive questions about our lunch program and thought it would be helpful to share insights about our program with you.

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Lunch Program FAQs

Is Your Lunch Program Healthy?

Because the school cannot provide lunches without a cafeteria, we use outside vendors to bring lunch to our kids.   Participation in these programs is optional, and open to all Glencoe families.  The selected vendors provide a balance of menu options that all ages enjoy, along with healthy options which include a fruit or vegetable with each meal.  Dessert/treats are not offered every day.  Marla's Lunch has included a healthy offering each day along with local restaurant best sellers. We also offer gluten-free items on most days.

I don't want to commit to food that I'm not Sure my child will like.  How often can We order?  Can I change selections once I order?

YES!! We get it that you need flexibility and want this program to offer your children the opportunity to try new foods when they want to, but also change next week's options if you need to.  Orders must be made by the previous Tuesday at 12pm noon for the upcoming week. Unfortunately we can't accept late orders after this for the next week.  We encourage you to order lunches a month at a time. It's just simpler and easier that way. But if you need greater flexibility you may also order daily or weekly.

I don't want to sign up until I know what Is offered.  Can I see what the options are?

Great idea - We heard you and now have added photos of menu items to Marla's website, so please browse over the menu to help you visualize the portions and quality of our food.

I'm confused about the price...Why is this lunch more expensive than Government-Subsidized school lunches?

The Glencoe school lunch program is a fundraiser.  If the PTO didn't have a lunch program, then you, as parents, would be expected to pack your child's lunch every day.   We started this program as a convenience to our parents and as a fundraiser. All proceeds will be donated back to our schools at the end of the year.   Last year, the Glencoe PTO donated over $111,000 to fund PTO programs, clubs, and the McKeon need-based scholarship.  We understand the needs of our families and want to provide low-cost options, and work with our vendors at the end of every session to negotiate prices based on food supply, PTO giveback amounts and delivery charges.

My child has a food allergy.  Can he/she participate?

Marla's Lunches and the vendors that are used cannot commit to food preparation sites that are free from common allergy contaminants (tree nuts, dairy etc.). We will have vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free options on the menu available on certain dates but the facilities where these foods are processed cannot guarantee allergen free prep. Marla's Lunch DOES NOT order anything with peanuts, or tree nuts or sesame seeds, however, cross contamination can occur in bread companies and cookie manufacturing because they are made in facilities that have nuts.  For any further explanations, please call/text Marla at 312-320-4049.


Look for a Glencoe PTO Lunch Satisfaction Survey to be distributed in early 2020.  We value your input and feedback and use the results of this survey to improve our lunch program every year. 


We want to thank our community for the year-round support!

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